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EnzOx2 partner AVA Biochem teams-up with Michelin Group to foster eco-innovation
AVA Biochem AG in Zug, Switzerland, one of the participants in EnzOx2 project, has entered into a Joint Development Agreement with the Michelin Group, with the common goal to implement bio-based platform molecule 5-HMF in various materials and chemical applications. This [...]
LignoBiotech 2020: "VI Symposium on Biotechnology applied to Lignocelluloses"
LignoBiotech VI will be held at the University of Toronto, Canada, on 26-28 August 2020. Keep visiting the website at http://lignobiotech2020.com/ to be updated with invited speakers, conference programme, registration instructions and practical information. The symposium [...]
SusPlast Interdisciplinary Platform launched
SusPlast (www.susplast-csic.org) is an Interdisciplinary Platform for Sustainable Plastics towards a Circular Economy launched by the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) aiming to develope research and innovation activities, including socio-educational strategies, in the field [...]
EnzOx2 30-month project meeting
The fifth technical meeting of the EnzOx2 Consortium took place last 11-April in Basel, hosted by partner AVA Biochem. The project faces its last six months focusing on the techno-economic and environmental evaluation of the selected biotransformations invoiving the enzymatic [...]
New Bio-chemical Technologies For Added-value Bio-based Products – EnzOx2 in BeSustainable Magazine
The sustainable production of chemical building blocks, different additives and ingredients, and other added value products from plant biomass – in the biorefinery concept – is a requirement for the development of a bio-based economy. However, the production of the above che [...]
2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for "enzyme directed evolution"
Biochemical engineer Frances Arnold has been awarded with he 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, in recognition of her work in the field of ‘enzyme directed evolution’, which mimics natural evolution to create new and better proteins in the laboratory. The Prize is half-shared wit [...]
Plastics from sugar: the end to petrochemicals?
"Research Success Story" about EnzOx2 published in EUResearch, the Swiss guide to European research & innvation.
EnzOx2 mid-term meeting
The mid-term technical meeting of the EnzOx2 Consortium took place last 12-April in The Netherlands, hosted by partner TUDelft. This was an important meeting for all of us, where the results achieved during the first half of the project were analyzed and decisions were taken [...]
WhiteBiotech Unit at CIB-CSIC
The WhiteBiotech (industrial biotechnology) interdepartmental unit is a joint effort of active groups working in microbial biotechnology and protein science with a record of mutual collaboration at CIB. The mission of the WhiteBiotech unit is promoting excellence in knowledge [...]
AIMPLAS releases press note to Spanish media on their participation in EnzOx2
Interempresas PLASTICO: Biomasa para elaborar PEF, aditivos e ingredientes farmacéuticos CLIMA noticias: La biomasa proporcionará compuestos químicos de alto valor añadido Revista PQ: La biomasa proporcionará compuestos químicos de alto valor añadido BioEconomía: EnzOx2, [...]