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Selective Oxygenation of Ionones and Damascones by Fungal Peroxygenases
Babot ED, Aranda C, del Río JC, Ullrich R, Kiebist J, Scheibner K, Hofrichter M, Martínez AT, Gutiérrez A

J. Agric. Food Chem., 68: 5375-5383

Apocarotenoids are among the most highly valued fragrance constituents, being also appreciated as synthetic building blocks. This work shows the ability of unspecific peroxygenases (UPOs, EC1.11.2.1) from several fungi, some of them being described recently, to catalyze the oxyfunctionalization of alpha- and beta-ionones and damascones. Enzymatic reactions yielded oxygenated products such as hydroxy-, oxo-, carboxy- and epoxy-derivatives that are interesting compounds for the flavor and fragrance and pharmaceutical industries. Although a variable regioselectivity was observed depending on the substrate and enzyme, oxygenation was preferentially produced at the allylic position in the ring, being especially evident in the reaction with alpha-ionone, forming 3-hydroxy-alpha-ionone and/or 3-oxo-alpha-ionone. Noteworthy were the reactions with damascones, in the course of which some UPOs oxygenated the terminal position of the side chain, forming oxygenated derivatives (i.e. the corresponding alcohol, aldehyde and carboxylic acid) at C-10, which were predominant in the Agrocybe aegerita UPO reactions, and first reported here. PDF

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